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Harvest Festival on October 26, 2018, where the students enjoyed games and candy. They also got to see student art projects from the month of October.after school pic

After school Book Fair event where the students were able to pick a book and read with a buddy.
We encourage students to read.


ASES After School Care Program

After School Care Program

Homework Help, Academic Enrichment, Recreation, Physical Fitness and Life Skills

We work in partnership with the community, school, and family to design the program that meets their specific needs. We draw upon the most effective academic enrichment, physical fitness, nutritional and life skill programs to challenge children and make learning fun.

Homework Assistance-We offer the time, place and assistance to help every child complete their homework.

Writing- Students practice creative writing and classroom engagement by sharing their daily journal entrees with classmates.

Technology- Students are provided with first-hand learning on iPads and online educational programs to better their understanding of technology.

Recreation & Nutrition- Encouraging exercise, sports and healthy behaviors is a focus of the After School Program.

Parents are welcomed to pick up an application from the front office or contact:


After School Program Site Director:


work cell phone:


available 1:50-6:00 pm


On November 2, 2018, the kids had a "marathon" event at Los Altos High School where they enjoyed running with other after-school programs. At the end of their 4 laps, they got medals for completing their run. ASES

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